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How bootcamps can help you in your career journey

A coding bootcamp prepares students with the necessary skills to get a tech job. These are intensive courses aimed at providing students with hands-on practice to enter the technology industry. By studying real-life examples and completing projects, coding bootcamps will help you start your career in a fast-growing industry without the need to obtain a degree.

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Bootcamps are fast-paced programs that prepare you to get your first job in a technology specialty area

Bootcamps are intensive learning experiences that you can participate in online or on-site, part-time or full-time, depending on whether you have a job. There are coding bootcamp like General Assembly, Thinkful, Coding Dojo, Springboard, Thinkful, and App Academy that can help you in your career journey.

Reasons why a coding bootcamp will help you in your career journey

Here are ten reasons why taking a coding bootcamp is one of the best ways to grow your career and advance in your career journey. Furthermore, if you already have a degree, this will be an experience that will provide you with numerous opportunities to begin a new career.

  • Coding bootcamps are fast-paced, short-term programs, so you’ll be ready to look for your first job in little time.
  • Most bootcamps offer a job guarantee, which means that you are guaranteed to get a job upon completion of the program.
  • Bootcamps often offer career services to help you succeed in job application processes.
  • Part of the bootcamp programs is aimed at helping you build your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • Many coding bootcamps partner with companies to offer internships to students.
  • You get real-life practice. During classes, you will see real-life examples and engage in advanced-level exercises.
  • You will build your portfolio of projects so that you can showcase them to potential clients.
  • The job placement rate of coding bootcamps is usually high. Be sure to look for this when you are looking for a bootcamp.
  • You will gain the skills you need to get your first job or to start working as a freelancer.
  • At a bootcamp you will meet many industry professionals, both your professors and your classmates, who can help you get a job after the completion of the program.

Roles you can pursue after a coding bootcamp

After finishing your coding bootcamp, you will be ready to apply for different roles, depending on the area you have chosen in your bootcamp. Below are some of these roles that you can apply for after you complete your bootcamp.

Junior Software Developer

This is an entry-level software development position in which professionals support various areas such as web, application, and software development. They can also identify bugs in code and troubleshoot problems in the code, ensuring its proper operation. If you attend a web development bootcamp, you can apply for this position.

Full-stack Web Developer

You can apply for the position of a full-stack developer after completing a web development bootcamp and gaining experience. These specialists are responsible for both front-end and back-end development. Typically, these professionals manage various programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, and C++, with which they can design and develop applications.

Data Scientist

If you complete a data science bootcamp, then you will be prepared for a role as a data scientist, in which you will be in charge of analyzing large amounts of data through data processing and debugging. You will apply statistical, mathematical, and programming skills to extract results from a dataset, analyze them and find solutions to the problem.

UX/UI Designer

A UX/UI designer bootcamps will prepare you with the knowledge and technical skills necessary to work as a user experience designer or user interface designer. In this role, professionals work together with graphic designers, developers, and more, to build mobile applications and websites. In addition, they are responsible for performing various tests to ensure the performance and security of the product.

Digital Marketer

There are digital marketing bootcamps that will prepare you to perform in this role, where you will be in charge of executing online marketing campaigns to position a brand, product, or service. You will also learn the tools required to maximize web traffic, as well as the tricks and techniques for growing a website and increasing business sales.

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