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Since the COVID-19 pandemic has generated the worst global crisis of the 21st century, professionals and employees in the United States have suffered adverse effects on their jobs. Many factors influence this new reality. The economic and social impact of the health crisis has changed the global labor system as we know it.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 4.2 million Americans left their jobs in October 2021. Additionally, the number of people who have quit their jobs to seek better opportunities already reaches about three percent of the workforce. If you are a part of this trend, this article is for you. Below, you will discover excellent careers and jobs that can improve your finances and help you be successful in your career path.

Why Are Americans Quitting Their Jobs?

The US job market is showing its first signs of recovery in nearly two years of the pandemic. However, many employees are now quitting their jobs and joining the great resignation movement. Below are a few reasons why employees are resigning from their jobs.

A Surge in Job Openings

According to a report by The Washington Post, 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs in September 2020. This was due to the emergence of new and more attractive job openings across the country. On the other hand, an Indeed Hiring Lab report indicates that this figure shows a strong demand from employers looking for a hot labor market.

Worker-Friendly Climate

High resignation rates reflect what we might call the most worker-friendly climate in the United States in decades. Despite inflation, many employers are increasingly hiring. In addition, many companies have decided to increase salaries and offer generous signing bonuses to attract employees.

Unemployment Insurance and Stimulus Paychecks

According to another survey by The Washington Post, seven million people applied for unemployment benefits in 2021, of which three million receive federal aid of $300 per week. This public spending policy, among other reasons, such as fear of COVID-19 infections, motivated many people to quit their jobs.

What Careers or Jobs Is This Population Seeking Now?

– Information Technology Occupations: According to BLS, this career path will grow 13 percent from 2020 to 2030. Highly sought-after jobs in this field include Computer and Information Research Scientists, Computer Systems Analysts, Computer Network Architects, and Computer Programmers. The average yearly salary is $58,420.

– Help Desk Roles: Demand for computer support specialists will grow nine percent through 2030, according to BLS projections. People who have migrated to remote work need help desk supporters. For that reason, this job requires overqualified workers to offer effective problem-solving services to users. The average yearly salary is $43,000.

– Civil Engineering: Civil engineers have a job market with close to eight percent development potential. The functions of this career consist of analyzing long-range plans, survey reports, maps, and other data to plan and design projects. The average yearly salary is $88,570.

New Career Opportunities You Should Consider in 2022

If you are looking for a better job and a better salary, consider applying for one of the most interesting career paths next year. Choose the one that suits your career goals best.

1) Financial Management | Average Annual Salary: $134,180

According to BLS, this field will have a 17 percent growth this decade. Financial managers are in charge of examining the expenses and income of a company. These professionals also design strategies to increase profit margins.

2) Statistician | Average Annual Salary: $92,270

Statisticians analyze data and project future sales, profits, and obstacles to growth. This career path is also in high demand due to its flexibility for remote work, depending on its labor standards.

3) Supply Chain Management | Average Annual Salary: $84,177

During the current bottleneck crisis in the global supply chain, exporting companies and nations like the United States require professionals in this field. Supply Chain Management includes roles such as a Purchasing Agent, Logistics Analyst, and Distribution Manager.


Employment in America has changed in ways we’ve never seen before. However, you can take advantage of this situation to climb the ranks on your career path. Opportunities for better pay, job growth, financial success, and knowledge development are available at futureproof careers. Consider enrolling in an online bootcamp to improve your skills or learn new ones. With many technology jobs on the rise, online courses can help you get a foot in the door much faster when you’re looking for a job.